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MOVEment Spaces Innovation Lab

MOVEment Spaces Innovation Lab


Addressing the needs of the growing urban population and relying on the EU Physical activity guidelines International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) started the project MOVEment Spaces to promote and enhance facilities for physical activity in urban spaces.

The aim of this forum is to bring together different stakeholders like cities and NGOs to create dialogue, build-up knowledge and of course bring that dialogue into taking action together.T

This is fundamentally a platform for all of you - our stakeholders - that are committed to sharing your experiences and learning from each other, and that agree that this will happen best by addressing organisation-specific challenges by exploiting the diversity of the network.

In other words, this discussion board is based, firstly, on the premise that ideas and experiences should be shared for free. Secondly, the process of exchanging should be very specific -  namely by using the collective resources of all of you, as a group of peers,  to address a very specific challenge brought on board by a member of the Lab.


Movement Spaces Innovation Lab Code of Conduct

MOVEment Spaces Forum Code of Conduct: 
· Be kind and helpful. Bring positive and respectful communication to the Forum.
· Be specific. Bring relevant experience from your organisation connected to the topic of active urban spaces.
· Be patient. English is the language used on the Forum, but English is not the first language of all users. Many users are volunteers, so they need more time to respond, and users will also be located in different time zones.