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Found 4 results

  1. How to advocate for MOVEment spaces? How to build the case? What is the needed evidence? What are success factors and principles of advocacy? What are barriers and challenges in advocacy process? What are the right activities? What is the success story you know?
  2. Encouraging more physical activity in the cities requires that such efforts are part of strategic political priorities. A thorough understanding of the current state of each individual city is required: what are currently the most significant barriers to promoting physical activity? What could other priority challenges be effectively coupled with efforts to promote physical activity? In which areas in the cities interventions have the biggest impact? What population should new policies and strategies target or benefit? Which aspects of people’s everyday life should be prioritized?
  3. - Sustainable / longterm partnership in local communities between sports club and municipality. It is easy to agree for an event, then for the sustainable activation - Organised Biking in the city: The challenge in the early stages is in finding a suitable venue from where to start. Other practical challenges include the cost of the bikes, managing repairs etc and also storing the bikes which are all shapes and sizes. - The ability to invoke civic responsibility on the streets within the city. There is reluctance in some circumstances for people to offer their time or services to fill the necessary volunteering roles, such as leafleting and stewarding. It is challenging to deliver a successful road closure without the willingness of residents to fulfill these duties. - To set the rules of use of the public spaces and the skate parks etc and promote that
  4. Park maintenance/reputation: One of the parks used has a bad reputation locally, due to various crime-related incidents such as stabbings and historical drug use taking place. Understandably this led to a number of participants mentioning that they felt uncomfortable running in the park or would do on their own. This continues to be overcome by the concept of running as part of a group being promoted to all participants continuously.